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The Future of Data Centers in Singapore

The Future of Data Centers in Singapore - Singapore is a growing nation in a mega growing region.

The region of South East Asia is likely the next engine of growth behind China.

With a very young population and a hunger to grow itself out of the poverty it is in current situations, we will see a huge growth and a huge increase in demand for many things in the region.

This increase in demand will also see a need for data storage and therefore the need of data centers.

Singapore is taking advantage of that by wooing many data center operators into Singapore and setting up infrastructures that will ensure they are able to have a good base here.

There are a few things that we at Emerges-Plus, Singapore's trusted data center cabling contractor, we will like to share about "The Future of Data Centers in Singapore".

  1. Data Centers Industry like to keep growing According to recent news articles and also expert views, the Singapore data center requirements will likely keep growing. Many big players in the industry has been moving to Singapore to set up regional HQs and this includes some of the players such as TenCent, BtyeDance, Zoom and many other big players around the world. The growth rate means that Singapore is like to see a GDP boost from this sector and also the need for hiring within this sector is like to grow steadily over the years. Singapore Data Center reputation will build up over the next few decades to definitely become one of the key locations in the world.

  2. Covid-19 Pandemic led growth in digital transformation Much of the massive growth in this sector has to come from the fact that many people are in need of digital transformation needs. Most businesses made decades worth of improvements due to the need to work from home and also the need to move operations into the clouds to protect against disruptions. Many businesses that did not see the need also had to make changes suddenly due to lockdowns and curfews. This is likely to stick and improve over time as the Covid-19 pandemic comes to a close.

  3. Energy needs will increase, adding environmental concerns With a growing sector and needing more energy for cooling the data center servers. The need for energy will keep growing. Singapore has over the years been relying on fossil fuels for energy and has in recent years tried to pull in solar energy production which in Singapore is in abundance. We do lack wind and geothermal energy and unlikely to ever see a nuclear powerplant. With this, we likely will see a need to grow our energy production somehow to cover for the requirements of the Singapore Data Center needs. This inadvertently will increase environmental concerns due to our main production method which is fossil fuel. We are likely to see the Singapore government explore more electricity production options to meet the demands of the growing nation. Especially that from the solar power production base in Australia.

  4. Energy saving measures To save energy, there will be more push from the government to take up solar power generated electricity. Together with the efforts of the government. Reservoirs are currently being covered with solar panels to save on space and also to use such locations to generate more solar power for the grid. Also for data centers, there are currently new technologies that will help the data centers to save on electricity and power for the cooling of their systems.

  5. Regional Growth driving gains Data center in Singapore will likely keep growing. South East Asia is home to Indonesia which has one of the world's largest populations and also growing fast. It's economy is modernizing fast and will grow at extraordinary speeds. With this need, Singapore positioning itself to build low latency and high speed concentrations of data centers will help the region to grow in tandem.

  6. Limitations on employees due to Foreign worker quota changes One major issue for the data center industry is definitely that of skilled manpower. Currently, with the industry still in its growing phase, manpower needs are still able to keep up with the demands. As the Singapore Data Center industry keeps growing, we may face shortages in time to come from the local manpower. Talents in such sectors are also not in abundance. We may need to tap on foreign workers to continue the growth. Singapore is currently on its plans to reduce its dependency on foreigner workers which may pose a threat to the sector when it comes to hiring for the growth of the Singapore Data Center Industry.

Thank you for your interest in our article on "The Future of Data Centers in Singapore".

We hope you found this useful for your decisions. Emerges-Plus is a Singapore Data Cabling Contractor company that has its specialization in Structured Cabling Systems for Data Centers. We are CommScope Partners in Singapore and are certified installers for Commscope products.

The Future of Data Centers in Singapore

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