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12 Reasons why Singapore is a great location for Data Centers

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

12 Reasons why Singapore is a great location for Data Centers - Singapore is one of the top locations in the world for data centers.

According to a recent article by The Straits Times,

In fact, Singapore is such a great location, it is ranked the Second in the world for the best locations to set up your center.

With Singapore having quite a few advantages, there are definitely many reasons why Singapore is a great location for Data Centers.

Data Center Business is big business here in the Sunny island of Singapore.

Singapore is already sitting on a few advantages for businesses to be located in Singapore, not limited to the below list:

  1. Great Transportation gateway by air and sea

  2. Great place to set up business

  3. World renowned financial systems and supporting infrastructure

  4. Strong data protection laws

We expect to see a bigger growth in the Singapore Data Centers sector with the regional HQs of many technology companies moving to Singapore and setting up their regional HQs or global HQs here.

Let us now explore the "12 Reasons why Singapore is a great location for Data Centers".

  1. Focal destination for undersea data cables Singapore is the destination location form many undersea cables. Through over 15 cables, we are connected to the rest of the world and other continents. This focal point allows Singapore to take advantage of optimal data speeds that makes Singapore an even more attractive place for data centers than the rest of the countries in the region. You can use this map to find out more about the submarine data cables that are connected to Singapore for your intellectual interest: For the presence of data centers, definitely fast internet matters right? One of the core reasons why Singapore is the top choice for Data Centers businesses to gather and set up shop in Singapore.

  2. Location is away from many disaster hotspots Data centers need electricity, electricity needs to come from a stable source. Singapore gets it electricity supplies mainly from gas. Our powerplants have reserves of gas for a sustained period of production even if supply is affected shortly. Singapore is also away from earthquakes, hurricanes and volcano disruptions. This is a strong advantage because with no disasters to destroy data center infrastructure and to disrupt electricity production, Singapore is a great location for data centers to congregate. Disaster is bad for something that needs stability and with no effective disasters, Singapore definitely is a hotspot for data centers with this very powerful motivator.

  3. Educated workforce with capabilities To get a good data center working in Singapore, you not only need good data center contractors and good data center installers. You will need a group of educated workforce to set up and run the data centers. Singapore is home to many top universities in the world producing top notch engineers and managers. There is no better place than Singapore to find talents to run your highly technical centers. Singapore is also open to highly trained engineers to supplement their local workforce. There are also many experienced network cabling contractors Singapore to assist you with your setup needs.

  4. Singapore's SmartNation Framework Singapore is the leading smart city in the world. Seeing the need to lead the world in smart technologies, Singapore has put together a plan to make itself the consultant of the world for being a SmartNation. This includes smart government, urban living improvements, startups investments and transportation upgrades. Singapore will eventually wish to outsource this know how around the world. The Smart Nation Initiative website if you want to find out more,

  5. Highly stable political outlook Singapore is currently run by one political party since it's independence. Most analyst expect politically, Singapore to stay highly stable with the government work still in good hands and Singapore still growing well as a nation. Political turmoil that may cause disruptions to business is highly unlikely which makes Singapore is a great place to do business because of its overall long term stability. Singapore Data Center industry likely will make this one of the key reasons for locating here.

  6. Easy place to do business In the year 2020, Singapore was ranked the 2nd best place in the world to do business. Singapore businesses can be incorporated within a few hours and bank accounts open in a few days. This makes Singapore one of the top locations to get things done and for business to transact. Government has also made business incorporation and compliance a lot of easier to figure out with many IT infrastructure in place to get things done fast. Later on point number 11, we will also share how finance is one of the key reasons why Singapore is also an easy place to do business.

  7. Optimal concentration of data centers already here If you have observed many business sectors, they tend to like to congregate and concentrate in an area. Expertise and materials and also supporting businesses are the main reasons for this. For Shenzhen in China, that's electronics, for Singapore, that's data centers. Singapore has grown over the years to gain a optimal mass of concentration of data centers and this makes it even more attractive for other entrants because of all the support they need to set up one in Singapore.

  8. High Quality Infrastructure Infrastructure is important for this business, you can't have a build that will topple or have your transportation of your servers and cable delayed due to bad traffic. This is something that Singapore has a strong advantage at. The transport and data infrastructure in Singapore is very mature and stable. Construction materials used are top notch as well. Everything speaks of stability and surety in Singapore.

  9. Strong cyber security framework With many cyber talents in Singapore, there is no lack of someone to protect you from data intrusions. Singapore is currently building up its cyber security hub capabilities and will likely grow to become one of the leading ones in the world. We expect cyber security to be key in ensuring your centers to run smoothly and Singapore to develop better talents along the way.

  10. Matured legal framework Inheriting the British legal framework, Singapore is one of the top law abiding nations. Contracts made in Singapore are held to the world by the courts. If you set up in Singapore, you will expect that your contracts will be upheld and protected in courts. Singapore also has a strong legal profession to protect you from any possible infractions with other parties.

  11. Easy Access to Financing Many know Singapore is a great place for expertise but did you know that Singapore is also a great place for financing. Home to almost every other international bank in Singapore. If your business will require some form of financing to expand much faster, there is no better place than Singapore where you can gain access from many banking institutions. For data center businesses that see the value in Singapore having more financing will see value in basing their operation in Singapore.

  12. Presence of many supporting companies As per a previous point, there are many supporting companies. Most importantly are the engineering and Network Cabling Singapore companies, but at the same time the suppliers for your cables and high quality ones at that. There are many Certified Panduit Contractor Singapore and also Commscope Partner Singapore to assist your data center at that. All this Singapore structured cabling contractor will ensure that competition is around and therefore price is competitive.

Did you know that currently, Data centers draw as much as 7% of Singapore's electricity use and is likely to increase to 12% in a few years to come. Emerges-Plus expects the industry to continue to grow at breakneck speeds and will be part of the growth to assist customers who require structured cabling needs.

Emerges-Plus is a Singapore Certified Panduit Contractor and also a Singapore Certified Commscope contractor. Working with a CommScope Partner Singapore ensures you high quality results on your data cabling Singapore needs.

We have done many projects with top brands that are moving or have already based their data centers in Singapore. Definitely one of the trusted Singapore Data Center Cabling Contractor. Emerges-Plus aims to be Singapore's top trusted Structure Cabling Contractor Singapore.

Thank you for reading our article on "12 Reasons why Singapore is a great location for Data Centers". We hope to bring you more data centers articles going forward.

12 Reasons why Singapore is a great location for Data Centers

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